Trump-Modi meeting: happy China, unhappy Pakistan

Trump-Modi meeting happy China, unhappy Pakistan
Trump-Modi meeting happy China, unhappy Pakistan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, returns home after visiting three countries of Portugal, the United States and the Netherlands on Wednesday. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj welcomed him at the Delhi airport.

The highlight of his foreign visit was the meeting with US President Donald Trump. China and Pakistan have shown a contradictory reaction to the meeting.


Trump-Modi meeting happy China, unhappy Pakistan
Trump-Modi meeting happy China, unhappy Pakistan

China’s official daily newspaper Global Times quoted as saying that China welcomed the development of relations between the United States and India through a meeting held between the two leaders last Monday. India and US relation was never better, the newspaper also said.

“Trump has brought a positive turn on the Indo-US relationship”, said Nie Feng to Global Times. Nie Feng is a deputy director of the Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, on Tuesday. Although relations between the two countries were improving over the last decade; Nevertheless, until this meeting, India’s attitude of Trump was unclear. Now he gave this relationship positive momentum.

The political analyst also said that Trump believes that he needs to pay attention to India as a great force; Although not as much as China and Russia. This is the opposite of his predecessor Barack Obama’s view. Obama has used India in many ways to stop China.

The meeting of the media and trump was held after the trade dispute between the two countries for the months since the US President took over the responsibility of the United States. Chinese experts are also taking the assumption that trump India will be used as a ‘gut’ to keep China in control. Earlier, Global Times had warned about this in an opinion column.

Hu Jiang, deputy director and secretary general of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Research and China’s Central and South Asian Security Council, said that due to the fact that the US trade relations with China is more important, as a real business dealer, Trump will give priority to China-related issues. Apart from this, trade relations between the United States and India were never balanced.

In July, the United States is scheduled to take part in the largest joint naval exercise with India and Japan. Hu does not consider this exercise to be a threat to China. He further said China will always be happy to see India and India as good neighbourly neighbours. Because such relations can also benefit China.

Meanwhile, China’s response to Modi-Trump meeting is quite opposite to India’s hostile neighbouring Pakistan’s reaction. Country’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said on Tuesday that the Trump administration is ‘speaking Indian language’.

After the meeting, US State Department Hizbul Mujahidin leader Syed Salahuddin has been described as a ‘global terrorist’. The Pakistan Foreign Office mentioned this move as ‘absolutely unfair’. Nicaer further said that his country will support the freedom fighters of Kashmir.