Trump, Putin agree to talk about Syria

Trump, Putin agree to talk about Syria

Trump, Putin agree to talk about SyriaUnited States president Donald Trump and Russia’s president Vladimir Putin have agreed to talk in a telephone call today to try to have a meeting in coming July and build the working relationship to try to intensify Syrian ceasefire, in a statement Kremlin has said.

Trump, Putin agree to talk about Syria.

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The Kremlin also said, both Putin and Donal Trump’s talk was constructive and business-like and said both leaders agreed to work together and their actions on both international and homegrown terrorism.

On North Korea issue, Putin asked for ties and talk, rather than force, the Kremlin has said. They also agreed to work alongside each other to make a diplomatic solution there too.

As per the Kremlin statement, both leaders have spoken in a favour of face-to-face meeting in G20 summit that will be held in July this year.