Trumps big conflict amid fear

Trumps big conflict amid fear

US President Donald Trump has indicated that there might be a major conflict with North Korea. He said diplomatic efforts will be more in the solution to the crisis over the country’s nuclear and missile programs. What is the┬áTrumps big conflict amid fear? Let’s find out.

100 days before the trump to take oath on Saturday. On this occasion, Trump said in a special interview with Reuters on Thursday. He said there is a possibility of a major conflict with North Korea.

Trumps big conflict amid fear.

Trumps big conflict amid fearTrump said, like other US presidents, he wants a peaceful solution to the North Korea crisis. Because of this, his administration has decided to impose economic sanctions instead of the military.

The US president said we want to resolve in a diplomatic way. But it is very difficult.

Trump further said he wants South Korea to pay the price of the ballistic missile they created. Its value is about 100 billion dollars Trump wants to review the US Free Trade Agreement with South Korea, he said.

When you want to know about the announcement, Trump said, very soon. I am announcing it now.

Trump seems to be a big challenge for North Korea. He praised China’s President Xi Jinping. Said, I believe Shi Chin-ping is trying the best. He is a good man. I know him very well. He does not want to see the destruction and death.

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Trump said further, Chenping loved China. People love Chinese people. I know he can do anything. But there is a possibility of not being able to.

Referring to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, who took responsibility for the country at a young age, Trump said he is only 27 years old. His father died. Then he came to power. At this age, everything is not easy.

In a 42-minute interview, Trump spoke calmly about the topic of conversation with Taiwan’s President Sai Ying Oen. Earlier, China was angry at the phone conversation with the Taiwanese President Trump.

Trump said Reuters said the problem is that my personal relationship with Chinese President Shi Chin-ping is very good. I understand he is doing everything to help us in this situation. That is why I do not want to create a complex situation for him now. First I want to talk to him (Shi Chin-ping).

Trump wants to see peace in Israel-Palestine. He complained that Saudi Arabia is not paying its share price for the US defence system.

In relation to Islamic countries, Trump said, to defeat militancy.