Twice pregnant, 3 child birth!

Twice pregnant, 3 child birth!

A UK woman once again gave birth to twins and gave birth to three children. Such cases are very rare in humans in mammals. In the last 100 years, there have been incidents of childbearing and pregnancy for the sixth time.

Full Story: Twice pregnant, 3 child birth!

At first, the British woman said that there is twins fetus in her womb. After a month, the doctors told that he again became pregnant. It is estimated that between two weeks and one month, the
Women re-conceive.

Twice pregnant, 3 child birth!Such pregnancy name is superfetation. In this process, another embryo occurs when the fetus is growing in the body. Experts say that pregnancy does not usually happen, but it is not impossible.

Expert physician Professor Simon Fiscal said such occurrences were first noticed in 1865. Then more such incidents occurred. A few days ago Rome heard such incidents. It is believed that the woman conceived between three to four months.

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But the consequences of these events are not always happy. Professor Fiscal said, in many cases, another embryo is in the womb. Because, due to multiple embryos, the growth of anyone can stop. In that case, surgery has to be done before the appointed time.

It is still unclear whether hypertension is involved in how many embryos adapted to the fetus, or whether or not they are competing with food. Professor Fiscal said, “The growing embryo is getting proper food and nutrition, depending on the good quality immortality. In the case of British women, we were born well and naturally, because a good child was born. ‘