Uber will no longer operate diesel cars in London #uberlondon

Uber will not long operate diesel cars in London
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Controversial taxi company Uber, will not be using diesel cars in the English capital London by the end of 2019. The plan is to convert its cars to either electric or hybrid by then, the plan released on Friday.

Currently, the taxi app company is saying, nearly half of its journey miles are done in London with greener type cars on the company’s low-cost standard UberX service, which allows the customer to book their journeys on their mobile devices.

In recent times, several car manufacturers have announced to start producing new electric cars in the large proportion. Volvo is the first to phase out cars that powered by the ICE (internal combustion engine).

The British government has announced it will ban the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicle from 2040, the plans are to follow Athens, Madrid, France and Mexico City.

Uber (UBER.UL) operate around 40,000 drivers in London, will only have hybrid or electric models on its UberX that will switch to complete greener by 2022 UK-wide.