UK economy is going through a struggle time. News Headlines 18/07/2017

UK economy is going through a struggle time
British Pound Sterling Image: Red Plus TV

UK economy is going through a struggle time as the unexpectedly slows to 2.6% this year in June. The change is down from 2.9% since it falls since last October 2016. – BBC Business News

“If I’d run faster, I might’ve have been able to save her”, the brother of murdered school Saray Payne said as he was just seconds behind as she was taken by a paedophile who waved and smiled to him as he drove her to the death. – Daily Mail

Torture, murder, zombies – the great fun times for the new ‘Game of Thrones’ fans. The game has something for every player. Ed Sheeran in red carpet, Ice zombies, Dragons – a true romp menu. – The Ireland Independent

Tech giant Apple previews emoji in the world Emoji Day, which will come to macOS, iOS, watchOS systems later this year. New emoji include a Bearded person, women with head scarf, breastfeeding and food product such as coconut and sandwich. – NDTV Gadgets

The surge in costs has driven the car insurance instalment to the highest level. A staggering 11% sharp jump in the average insurance premiums last month, the cost will hit the family when household are struggling already. – Sky News

Efforts to replace Obamacare by Republican have collapsed. Two senators says they have opposed the bill, making the health bill to halt in its current form. – BBC World US Canada News

Strong or Stable? Theresa May is looking now lacking authority in the government that she has to plead like a harrassed mother. – Scottish Daily Record

Game of Thrones season 7 ends with an eye-catching scene fraught with import. – Vox

The Saudi authorities are now investigating a young woman wearing mini skirt recorded a video herself and posted in public. The women who are a model and known as Khulood, share her video clip in Snapchat walking around the fort in Ushayqir. – BBC Middle East News

‘No red carpet’ in London for Donald Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom said London Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan. – The Telegraph

A simple and very basic income really take away poverty forever. But in reality, it needs to get in very much detailed. – Vox

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