UK elections: Controversy over immigration

UK elections Controversy over immigrants
Image: The Conservative Party Manifesto 2017

Before the UK general election, the UK’s right-wing Conservative party again gave immigration debate. The party has failed to fulfil its goal of reducing the immigration number since they came to power in the last seven years. However, before the June 8 election, once again they promised that the total immigration of the UK will be reduced by one hundred thousand a year if they come to power again.

The difference in the number of foreigners entering into the United Kingdom and leaving the UK is the total net migration.

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Since Thursday, the announcement of the ruling Conservative Party’s came in the centre of the debate. The party said, to reduce the social difference and to protect British citizens’ actions, the net migration number to the country will have to stop. According to the latest published estimates, the total immigration in the United Kingdom was 2,73,000. The question has been raised, in the last seven years, the Conservative party has failed to deliver its election pledge. So, what’s the point of talking about the this?

UK elections Controversy over immigrants
Image: The Conservative Party Manifesto 2017

There is no direct answer to such questions from the ruling party. The Conservative Party’s Defense Minister Michael Fallon told a BBC program on Thursday night that their goal of reducing total migration number was to reduce fulfil their goals. But he could not give a specific limit to when this goal would be possible. The budget research organisation ‘Office for Budget Responsibility’ has warned that every citizen will fall in the state treasury due to the decline of migrants. Then Mr Fallon could not answer the question of how much revenue will be lost to fulfil the commitment made by the Conservative Party. On this day, the election talks of UK television were in the news.

Immigration debate arose in the United Kingdom elections. Right-wing activists impose anti-immigrant mentality imposed by foreigners on all the problems of the country. The right-wing voters have pledged their commitment to immigration control. The Conservative Party, which came to power in 2010, has been accused by the fact that it is doing the same to capitalise on anti-immigration.

The opposition party’s Labour Party is in favour of immigration control. However, they are not willing to bind any number in this case. The party has promised to relax the condition of family visas.

Meanwhile, a report released by the Global Future, on Friday said, that to keep the pace of UK economy in shape at least two million migrants require to enter in the country. The UK should be kept open for immigration due to the lack of labour, skilled manpower in the special sector, and the decline in the number of young people in contrast to the senior population. In 1950, the rate of senior citizens (65+) was equal to the rate of working people (16 – 64 years of age) in the country was (5.5).
In the year 2015, the number of elderly people and the number of working people is (3.5) against each of the three workers stood. In 2050, the number of people aged 65 years in the twentieth year and the number of people aged 85 years is expected to be three times higher than the present. In this report, it is alleged that political parties are not speaking the truth about the requirements and benefits of migration.