UK General Election 2017 Parties Last push for some last minute vote

UK General Election 2017 Parties Last push for some last minute vote
Image: UK Party leaders

The final day of the election campaign, as party leaders travel the length and breadth of the UK. The Conservatives and Labour return to the campaign for the last vote counting. For Jeremy Corbyn, investing in public services. 

UK General Election 2017 Parties Last push for some last minute vote
Image: UK Party leaders

Who do you trust to actually have the strong and stable leadership that is going to deliver the best deal for Britain in Europe?
Brexit is the basis of everything else. You’ve got a choice. Five more years of Tory cuts. Longer waiting lists, underfunded schools in many parts of our country, and hope under Labour. 

Seven weeks after the snap general election was called, the parties are all making their last big push for votes.
The London Bridge attack – the death toll rises to eight after a body – believed to be missing Frenchman, 45-year-old Xavier Thomas – is found in the Thames. More police raids – a 30-year-old man is arrested in east London amid more questions over how one of the attackers people have been convicted following an investigation into abuse at two private care homes for adults with learning.

And celebrating the life of Ronnie Corbett – stars of comedy and TV attend a memorial service for the man whose career spanned more than six decades.

To become friends with somebody that you’d grown up watching, sort of idolising, he was a lovely man, he really was. He wasn’t that different, really, off-screen. He was warm, generous – just a lovely man.
Head coach Warren Gatland says there’s lots of positives, despite a first defeat on the British and Irish Lion’s tour of New Zealand.

Seven weeks after the snap general election was called, leaders from all parties are on the last push for votes before millions of people go to the polls tomorrow.

After the last few days of campaigning were dominated by the issue of national security following the London Bridge attack, on Wednesday party leaders have returned to their core themes.

Mrs May has focussed oven Brexit saying voters must decide who is better placed on providing the best deal for Britain.
Jeremy Corbyn is concentrating on public services and has told voters the election is a choice of hope over fear. 

Jeremy Corbyn
Image: Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

From north, south, east to west, they are having Brexit fast on the general election campaign party leaders are managing to find a moment for a sit down and a cuppa. This is the last push, the final few miles as they try to win you over and even more most voters were awake, Theresa May was out in east London. Talking about the Conservatives’ promise to invest billions more in housing, roads and rail, with security dominating the campaign, late last night, Mrs May pledged to toughen the laws, if needed, to tackle terrorism but today returned again and again to her core message.

She said, “Who do you trust to actually have the strong and stable leadership that is going to deliver the best deal for Britain in Europe. Because Brexit matters. Brexit is the basis of everything else. We need to get that Brexit deal right. All across the UK.”

The Labour Leader started his day in Glasgow, pledging higher taxes for the better off and businesses. Pledging to put money into public services.

Mr Corbyn said, “You have a choice, five more years of Tory cuts, longer waiting list, underfunded schools in many parts of our country.”

And hope for Labour. Hope that our young people will be treated and hope that the pensioners will keep the triple lock and security they need and hope to invest in our economy all over the UK. He is’ in the aiming for Government, but wants the Lib Dems to be the party of opposition and in the West Midlands, first thing today, urged voters not to give 
Theresa May a blank cheque. To make To make sure people have the opportunity to resist the taxes and to give a final day on the Brexit deal is a stroke offer that the Liberal Democrat will reap rewards for. In Scotland the SNP are warning a vote for Labour will let Theresa

May into Government through the back door It is time to end the attack on low-paid people, the disabled and vulnerable in our community. We need toned Tory austerity, cancel attacks on the welfare state and invest in public services.

UKIP Leader
ImageL UKIP Leader

After the vote to leave the EU, Ukip are fighting to stay relevant and pushing for a hard Brexit. “I mean a Brexit where we reduce immigration, where we don’t pay a divorce feel and where we take back full control of our waters. Don’t go out and vote Tory, vote for the real deal, UkIP.” Said UKIP leader.

It is really only the Green Party looking ahead and saying, “we have a wave of automation coming in, we have to tackle the job losses. Also, we aren’t going to waste? £110 billion renewing Trident”.

Leanne Wood AM Plaid Cymru
Image: Leanne Wood AM Plaid Cymru

It is only by having a strong team of Plaid Cymru MPs that will make sure that Wales’ voice is taken seriously and not ignored in the way it has been since the referendum took place, last June. Of course it’s power here the parties are all competing for and they’ll be using the last few hours of the campaign to win over wavering voters. To help to return their candidate to the House of Commons.

Now, though, it’s over to you. Time to make your mind up and choose who you’d like to see as our next Prime Minister. Now let’s get the latest from the campaign jail.

For the Prime Minister, she began early at a meat market in London. It was down to Southampton, to a Labour-held marginal seat that the Tories are clearly confident of winning. She appeared briefly at a bowls club and spoke to the members there and flew here it East Anglia and on to the Midlands later. We spoke to the Prime Minister on the plane, asked her how she was feeling. She said she had a great campaign, didn’t regret calling the election, which clearly as it has been a more wobbly process and more difficult than she may have banked it being six weeks ago, as she has done already today, she will reiterate through the day the core campaign messages we’ve heard so frequently through the campaign.

Strength and stability. Talking about Brexit and arguing that she is better-placed to handle it than Jeremy Corbyn. Daily Royal reporter did ask her, though, that there were many questions remaining about how the Government are going to go about the Brexit process but she said – trust me. That’s the line she is selling to voters.

Jeremy Corbyn also travelling hundreds of miles today. Yeah, Labour painting very much geographically and politically on a broad canvass today. Jeremy Corbyn started his campaigning this morning in Glasgow.

He is on his way to North Wales. An hour ago he was here in this park in Runcorn in Cheshire. That’s the wafer-thin majority that the skefrs got two years ago in the seat here, the type of place that Labour has to snatch back if Jeremy Corbyn is to make progress that  the Conservatives got two years ago. 

He has to en rouse spewer to ensure Labour voters come out and back him, talking about the Conservative cuts, closures and privatisations as he sees them. A long campaigning road ahead for the remainder of the day for Labour. On he goes to North Wales then to Watford, rounding off in Islington in north London this evening.

Tim Farron - Lib Dem
Image: Tim Farron – Lib Dem

Tim Farron has been speaking to businesses today. He has been talking thereabout eye-catching policies, such as the legalisation of cannabis and investing billions more into school and health but as I say front and centre have been that pledge to have an EU referendum.

That is going that Westminster find out if it has been successful or not in tomorrow’s election. Finally. Catriona Renton following the SNP. The last days for them as well. How is that shaping up? Well, I have followed this 

Scotland First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon will address a rally in Edinburgh and she’ll set out the key reasons she wants people to vote SNP tomorrow. She will say that only with SNP MPs at Westminster will it give Scots a strong voice there.

She said her party will tackle inequality and cuts. On bricts she will say that votes for the SNP will mean she has a mandate for a strong voice at Westminster and of course there is the issue of independence which has loomed large throughout.

She has been in a bant mood throughout. Everyone expects SNP to be the largest party when we wake up on Friday but there could be a resurgence from others, and it’ll be by how much.

The outcome of tomorrow’s general election result will be decided in key marginal and target seats around the country.