Under new EU rules cigarettes sold in green packs

Under new EU rules cigarettes sold in green packs
Image: Wikipedia

The 10 packets of cigarettes sold are come to end under EU regulations, which follows cigarettes sold in green packs in a plain manner, are designed to keep young people away from cigarettes habit.

Under new EU rules cigarettes sold in green packs
Image: Wikipedia

UK’s health group professionals have welcomed the new action, as the smoker number are reducing daily and declined sharply. But the people who smoke said, this may not affect the consuming level and will not make any difference to the public health.

As part of the new rules, the cigarettes packets must contain the image of health warnings on the 2/3 of the pack, including standardised green-brownie colour.

Some experts say, this is the ugliest colour in the world, which may not appeal to young people, meaning less smoker.

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So, what are the new EU measures?

  • The cigarettes packing must be greenish-brown colour
  • 65 Percent of the pack should have health warnings in large format
  • An image at the top of the packs
  • Cigarettes brand name must be in standard typeface
  • The minimum number of cigarettes goes higher to 20’s
  • No misleading information such as ORGANIC, LOW TAR level etc

The same rules will apply to e-cigarettes too.

Read 10 key changes for tobacco products sold in the EU.

1) Larger and mandatory pictorial health warnings
2) Ban on cigarettes and RYO with characterising flavours
3) Replacement of TNCO labelling
4) No more promotional or misleading packages
5) Mandatory electronic reporting on ingredients
6) Safety and quality requirements for e-cigarettes
7) Packaging and labelling rules for e-cigarettes
8) Monitoring and reporting of developments related to e-cigarettes
9) Possibility of banning cross-border distance sales
10) Measures to combat illicit trade