United States underground road planning

United States underground road planning

Well known for the ambitious plans that awaken the famous American entrepreneur Elon Musk in the technology sector. After sending planets and flying planes on planet Mars, he said he would now build a complete communication system or road system under the ground.

United States underground road planning.

United States underground road planningMusk, on Saturday, said the plans for the TED conference on technology, entertainment and design will be held on Saturday. Elon Musk, the founder of technology-based company Tesla and Space X, said that traffic congestion on the ground on the ground in the existing communication system wastes the important time of the people. Thousands of cars are stuck on the way because there is no alternative. But if the roads are constructed under the ground, the traffic congestion will save time.
Mask provided details of how the road made underground in the TED conference will work. During this time he also showed a video picture. According to the Mask plan, there will be a special platform for the car to get underground. When it comes to the platform to look like a car trolley, it will drop it down into the underground tunnel. The tunnel is the road. Just roll the car down again and pull down another car. That means it will work like a lift.

Hot Wheels Car - 9 PackThat means it will work like a lift.
Musk want to make many tunnels under the ground. However, he will have to think more quickly to keep the soil crippled and cost affordable.
Elon also thought about the name of the company open for the construction of underground roads. It may be mentioned that the company name may be The Boring Company.
Of course, criticism has started with Elon Musk’s new plan. Susan Beardsley, senior analyst at the research firm ABI Research, termed the project as “imaginative” and said it is not alone. This is a public issue.