US built anti-missile system in South Korea

US built anti-missile system in South Korea
Image: Youtube

The United States says it has built the controversial Thaad anti-missile defence system which is now operational in the region. US built an anti-missile system in South Korea that can intercept troubled nation North Korean missiles but the fully operational capabilities still few months away.

US built anti-missile system in South Korea
Image: Youtube

Hugh tensions is now rising in the Korean Peninsula, with the both presence of US aircraft warships including a submarine and repeated nuclear threats from North Korea.

US military presence and their latest defence exercise, in the area fumed North Korea, they reacted angrily, and warned US is risking for another war.

The amid fear came after US president Donald Trump said that he would be honoured to meet North Korean young leader Kim Jong-un, to discuss the issues.

South Koreans protest US THAAD missile system deploymentLast week, the US announced that it will conduct installation of Thaad missile system but the fully operational work may not complete by late 2017.

Thaad (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) has been installed in county Seongju, despite protests from public in the region.

The local people think, the missile system will potentially target the local livelihood and those living nearby.

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China also protested the installation, stating that the radar range could interfere its own military security systems.