Weather at 8 PM Monday the 5th June 2017


Not very pleasant out there today at all. In fact, the bad weather will continue through tonight, it will continue with the heavy rain across many parts of the country and those winds, if anything, Tuesday might even be stronger in the Midland areas.

Weather at 8 PM Monday the 5th June 2017
Image: Part of UK weather map on Tuesday.

The cloud has been shrouding the UK over the last few hours of Monday or so, the heaviest of the rain has been across these more western and south-western areas and now through the course of the evening the heavy rain is pushing into south-western Scotland, the Lake District, Central, East in Scotland, this more northern part of the country.

Millets further reductionAnd the south, the winds will swing more northern part of the country, and to the south the winds will swing to Moor Lane north-westerly and it will be blowing hard.

The hard will winds particularly around the coastal areas. A blustery picture low-pressure slap bang over us, looking at the isobars it looks more like autumn rather than June. You will notice there is a window of slightly better weather at this stage.