Will iPhone 8 be a headache for Apple? News Headlines 15/07/2017

Will iPhone 8 be a headache for Apple? News Headlines 15/07/2017
Image: Artist Vision of iPhone 8

The meeting list with Donald Trump Jr. shows Soviet military vet is the latest name added in. Who is Rinat Akhmetshin? – CNN News

Live cannonball found in the Canadian city of Quebec. The cannonball was reportedly 90kg in weight fired by the British in 1759. – BBC Canada News

A whistleblower in Australia who exposed Mr Scott Ludlam has been known as Perth Barrister. – Pedestrian

Firefighters are being tackled a fire that destroyed part of an eating restaurant in Central London. The road near Marble is closed as part of the fire fighting operation. – Belfast Telegraph

“Jeremy McConnell has destroyed me by giving me an STD”, Stephanie Davis claimed. This is the first time she has spoken out following her arrest over a fight with him. – London Metro

Will iPhone 8 be a headache for Apple? Well, it was reportedly creating three different types of iPhones for it to be released later this year, but one of the has problem. – Fortune

The chief executive of the value airline EasyJet, Carolyn McCall is the most favourite to become the boss of ITV. – Financial Times

UK Ministers will be proposing for new laws on purchasing acid after London hit by a wave of acid attacks. Scotland Yard Chief said the current acid attack is a concern of police. – Daily Mail

Muguruza become Wimbledon Champion at the age of 23, by beating Venus Williams on 7-5, 6-0 score. – The Guardian

An aggressive push has been launched by the White House to turn GOP governors mixed opposition to the latest Trump’s health bill. – The Washington Post

Venus Williams vs Garbine Muguruza is on Wimbledon 2017 final match live update. – The Guradian.

Why is Godaddy best for the domain? The world’s number one domain seller has domain on sale, the .com domain name is from £0.99 for the first year. – GoDaddy UK

A girl, aged 15 died after taking a psychoactive substance known as “legal high” in Devon park. The girl was found unconscious in Newton Abbot on Saturday morning and she was taken to the hospital by the ambulance service who received a call at around 04:50 am, but later she died in hospital. – Independent News

An attack on Friday at Temple Mount triggered Arab League and Jordan to condemn Israel for its assaults on the site and asked Israel reopening of its gates immediately. – Y Net News

The European Union may compromise their strategy on freedom of movement, says former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He said a best option for Britain is to stay within a reformed EU. – BBC Political News

You have a drill machine, but not sure which drill bits you are required. Here’s a practical guide on what drill bits you need in terms of your requirement such as drill size and types? – Dever00

Ex-coach of Wallabies Alan Jones, who helped grand slam glory in 1984, is to coach Barbarians ahead of games with Wallabies. – The Sunday Morning Herald, Australia

At least two people died following a parachuting accident in Wilton, Australia. The experience was meant to be a lifetime skydiving experience for one young man. – The Sunday Morning Herald, Australia

Chancellor remarks on ‘woman’, political sexism attacks as Philip Hammond said, “driving a train is much easier that a woman can even drive.” Mr Hammond said in front of Prime Minister Theresa May who looked wounded. – Daily Mail

Trump administration tells peers to trust on the latest Health 202 care bill. – The Washington Post

How choosing a base layer can protect you from unexpected climate change? Wearing different in the winter has no issues and you do need to be told to wear a coat, jacket or jumper but why there is a layering system? – Simply Piste

A great day out of Akoma’s office staff, they visited Joseph Catholic Primary School, Derby. – Akoma Skin Care

Barclays group is in talks to expand its presense in Dublin after Brexit. The banking group is currently employed around 100 uniformed staffs in Ireland. – BBC Business News

At least three men were arrested following suspicion of an arranged gang-raping a woman on the street. – Daily Mail

London is on the attack again, knife and gun were used in the fatal incident not very far from Greenwich Maritime Museum, that killed a 31-year-old man. – Daily Mail

A Calfornianian woman destroyed $200,000 worth of artwork following her ‘selfie fail’ when she was leaning against the wall where the work was displayed at the top of the pillar. – MSN UK

Homebuyers have been targeted in email scum by latest Cyber criminals. Fake email ask for money as pretend to be their solicitor. – Financial Times

Acid attack victim said, “My face was on fire, I felt like my whole face was burning like hell”. – ITV News

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