Women MPs sex business says arrested Police officer – India News


Deputy Superintendent of Assam Battalion (DSP) Anjan Barak has been arrested for making objectionable remarks on Facebook against a ruling BJP MP of the ruling BJP.

Women MPs sex business says arrested Police officer.

CID arrested Anjan Bora on Saturday.

Anandabazar newspaper reported that on April 25, Anjan made controversial comments on a BJP woman MP on his Facebook page.

Women MPs sex business says arrested Police officer - India News
Image: Hindustan Times

Anjan, the state secretariat in the state assembly, was sitting in his own room and alleged that he was sexually transmitted from a sexual business. His commentary, the female MP is taking one lakh rupees for every three hours.

After Anjan’s Facebook post, there was a storm of criticism across the Indian state. At this stage, he posted on Facebook again for his comments. He claimed that he made all those comments intentionally.

Divisional and criminal measures have been taken against Anjan for disputing comments. He was temporarily dismissed. At the same time, he was arrested by CID.

State Police Chief DGP Mukesh Asha said the law will focus on the speed of the food. Nobody is up to the law.

Anjan, who was dismissed temporarily by controversial comments before, was suspended. He made controversial comments about Islam.