Zimbabwe school gets goats instead of salary!


In Zimbabwe schools, instead of cash, livestock, goats and sheep will be accepted as the salary of the students. The government’s Education Minister said this. Some schools in the country have already started taking it. The country made such a decision after the decision to take the livestock as a bank guarantee. However, many people are criticising social media.

The BBC has reported that parents who have the ability to pay money, they get the opportunity. The country’s official newspaper, Sunday Education Minister Lazarus Dokora said that schools should be flexible when receiving school fees from their parents. They will not only accept gastrointestinal services as alternatives to paying. In the example of various types of service, Minister Dokora said, “If someone is a mason, but the educational institution can make the masonry work by that person.”

Sunday news reports said that some schools have already started taking livestocZimbabwe school gets goats instead of salary!k for cash instead of cash.

A minister of the Ministry of Finance, Dokorara commented on the statement said, “The child’s parents can pay the school fees through the cattle rehab. This is mostly applicable for rural areas. However, the parents of the city and the city can pay in other ways. For example, it has been done to do specific work at school. ‘

This step was taken at a time when Zimbabwe’s banks started accepting livestock, cattle, goats, sheep as security. Last week, a law was passed in the country’s parliament, it has been said that immovable property such as automobiles or machinery can be secured in the bank.
A news portal called BulawayoTontofor said that Zimbabwe was facing a severe financial crisis. Because of this crisis, people have to stand in line for hours to borrow money from banks. The government alleged that such a problem arose because a class of people is transferring money outside the country. But criticising the critics, Bulawayo said that the lack of investment and increased unemployment in the growing rate are responsible for the situation.
However, many people have started criticising this method of paying school fees on the social networking website.